The Red Scare of 1919-1920
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The Red Scare of 1919-1920 in Political Cartoons. Git! You long-haired Bolshevist.
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Related material: the Polar Bear Expedition, American troops joining the British, Czechs, Canadians, Chinese, and Japanese in support of the White Russians against the Bolsheviks who deposed Kerensky. Initially the US had sent advisers to help Kerensky's government managing the Trans-Siberian Railroad; later as the civil war raged the allies, wanting to guarantee this vital supply line to the Eastern Front, landed at Vladivostok and Murmansk. Later, their aim was to assist the safe withdrawal of the Czech expedition. After a couple of years of desultory campaigns, Lenin consolidated his power and the allies withdrew.

Another account focusing on the Michigan National Guard, one of the activated units, which is rather obtuse about some of the aims (as if there were no reason for the allies to oppose the Communist government). Clearly some of the sentiment both at home and in the ranks was with the Bolsheviks.

an excellent acccount of the campaigns and various events along the way. There actually wasn't much combat.
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More related material: The Masses, a sharply satirical U.S. socialist magazine that featured Helen Keller, John Reed and Upton Sinclair, among others. It survived from 1911-18 before being harassed out of existence by the Post Office and Justice Department. Interesting that not one but two juries failed to convict the editors on charges of conspiring against the U.S. government -- even at the height of WWI fever.
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Grr, I'd love to look at this but every single page brings up at least one popup window.
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Great link Obedo, I really enjoyed that.
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The title of this one is interesting, given Jack London's political affiliations. I wonder if there was a connection.
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dhart, a military and space musuem in Frankenmuth has alot of artifacts on the guards battle. Zwicks writing is good...the 'Git' is good. my grandma, to this day gets flustered at the idea of the I.W.W. she calls it the: 'I wont works.'
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