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The Canadian government has announced a new cultural policy, of which the centrepiece is Netflix. The policy has been attacked as being only a sweet deal for Netflix and - in its call "for developing the business, technology and entrepreneurial skills of Canadian artists and creators" - a profound misunderstanding of the place of art and culture in our society.
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This is a government that seems very easily swayed by tech solutionism - yesterday, CMHC (Canada's policy department for affordable housing) said it is looking to AirBnB as a potential solution to Canada's affordable rentals woes. Never mind that one of the things actually driving the dearth of affordable rentals are the tens of thousands of rental units being rented out by AirBnB as vacation rentals that previously were people's homes.
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Neoliberals gonna neoliberal.
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notorious medium, but you're not seeing the real benefit of the government paying for those AirBnB rentals for the poor and the homeless: The houses stay in Canada occupied by Canadians for Canada's government money, but the commission goes to Silicon Valley!
Of course, it's only a benefit if you run Silicon Valley, but still.
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for developing the business, technology and entrepreneurial skills of Canadian artists and creators

Anne of Green Energy.
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Degrassi Junior High Skill Workforce
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Dudley Do-Rightsizing
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im just here for the degrassi jokes
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From the Walrus article (last link in post):
The Massey Report imagined culture as the vehicle of moral and intellectual education. Creative Canada imagines culture as something you stream on Netflix.
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The Canadian government, every one of them we ever had, always likes large scale investment by foreign multinationals. Its like going to Walmart instead of the local store - its just so much more convenient. Nothing bad ever happens when you rely on a large multinational right?
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Successive Canadian governments have attempted to starve the National Film Board - but even so, it has done a great job of making its content available online for mostly-free.

A reinvestment in the NFB would have been a far better deal than relying on Netflix.
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im just here for the degrassi jokes

Always greener…
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I'm assuming one of the shows Netflix is considering is a Beachcombers reboot because why not. But every Canadian show with even a moderate brand name recognition will likely be mooted at pitch meetings. Danger Bay? Street Legal? Red Green? Trouble with Tracy?
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As I understand it, one of the complaints is that they don't have to produce Canadian content - they just have to produce content in Canada. (Which they were already doing. In fact, they're promising to spend less every year than they were already spending.)
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Danger Bay?

I just listened to the opening credits and immediately remembered everything that I'd forgotten about that show, including my huge crush on Ocean Hellman.
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The Friendly Giant Corporation
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The Buyout Bids in the Hall
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Kabanos, they be considering a reboot of Traders as well.
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They should reboot Made in Canada.
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Or they could just reboot ReBoot.
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oh shit they actually are!
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