PepperCoyote/LookLeft/JaredClark, looping master
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I've posted before about PepperCoyote in a live band performance, but here he is a bit earlier in a solo performance [58m45s] that demonstrates his skill with looping. Watch him build songs layer by layer right before your eyes ears!

Watch the first ~12m30s, and if you aren't still intrigued, then fair enough.
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Wow, the strikethrough doesn't really work on the word "eyes", does it?
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This was a delight! I put it on and listened to the whole thing while I worked, and enjoyed the whole thing. Thanks for this!
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What I love about performers who make music with loops is that their performance has the air of both great simplicity and staggering musical skill at the same time (I think of KT Tunstal's performance on the the UK's "Later with Jules Holland" which launched her to instant fame or the performances of the late Dr Didge as a couple of other examples ). It is a masterclass act - but it also feels like it would be a great exercise to teach beginners what musicianship is about: the skills of timing, tuning, listening, composing, improvising, harmonising, mixing and reading the audience are all there.
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