Are you an identiopath?
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Are you an identiopath? Do you know anyone who is? Deadpan satire from Hermenaut.
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Individuals with this disorder may perceive themselves as possessing superior intellectual powers and a vast capacity for empathy, causing them to have an unreasonable expectation of deference or automatic compliance with their values and beliefs (Criterion 5); they often appear haughty and arrogant, and believe they can only be understood by, or should only associate with, other "special people"

i KNEW it! mefi is a veritable den of IPD's!
posted by quonsar at 10:30 AM on May 8, 2002

I defer to quonsar on this...
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Indeed, the college campuses and coffee shops of America are rife with epidemic levels of IPD.
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I go to Bard College, which is known for being "liberal" and "lefty" -- and though I'm pretty left-wing myself, I feel like it's in a completely different way from most of the kids around me, whose politics seem to stem primarily from the instinct to rebel. I wouldn't call it a "disorder" -- it's just a natural part of growing up mentally, in the same way puberty is physically. (I can see it now: "Pathological Boy-Craziness, often comorbid with Swelling Chest Syndrome and Mood-Swing Psychosis.") I find it irritating, but only because I wasn't so into "rebelling" -- it's just something that people will get past eventually. A related issue is the obsession among more intelligent high-school students (in my experience) of being obsessed with "conformity." It's just an idea that becomes important to people of that age.
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Hermenaut is one of the best publications around. Too bad they haven't had a new issue in over a year. Does anyone know if it's ever coming back?
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