"None of it was cool."
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The Legendary Roots Crew Presents: "I Am Slave" (SLYT). Slavery history meets Schoolhouse Rock. From an episode of black-ish.
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That was good!
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That was jaw droppingly excellent.
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Awesome. I would welcome follow-ups on Reconstruction, post-Reconstruction, Jim Crow and the 50s-60s era Civil Rights movement.
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Re: Schoolhouse Rock. For any youngsters who didn’t realize, this the melody and basic animation style from I’m Just a Bill, which everyone who watched American Saturday morning cartoons in the 70s has memorized.
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Fanfare thread for the black-ish episode

Other musical numbers from the episode:
*We Built This
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That entire musical episode is fantastic - recommended watching for everyone!
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Black-ish has been pretty much solid for its entire run. The writing, acting, everything. Do yourself a favour and give it a watch. It's well worth your time.
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And if someone wanted to put together a megapost of Schoolhouse Rock parodies/homages/etc., that'd be lovely. Here, I'll get you started: Simpsons, SNL, Kimmel, Bojack Horseman.
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