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Oh hey, only part way into this (it's fascinating!), but here's a Napa Valley Wine Crime Story of recent vintage: Top Stories of 2015, No. 6*: Winemaker’s dream collapses in murder-suicide:
What began as a conference call with the men’s lawyers suddenly erupted into a volley of bullets, as Emad Tawfilis – a Los Gatos man who had given Dahl $800,000 of his investment as cash stuffed into a duffel bag – ran desperately for his life out of the winery building and past the grapevines lining Hoffman Lane.

As the 48-year-old Tawfilis screamed for help in a cellphone call to police dispatchers, Dahl, 47, followed in his black Toyota SUV, blasting four shots into him from a .22-caliber handgun before firing the killing round to Tawfilis’ head, a 911 recording would reveal.

Sheriff’s deputies arriving where Tawfilis fell pursued Dahl’s vehicle north until it became trapped on a densely wooded dirt path west of the Oakville Grade.

A SWAT team would find the vintner’s lifeless body inside, after he apparently shot himself.
From the main link, a critic's take on California wine of the time: "In 1862, a professional wine taster in New York dismissed what was considered one of the best Los Angeles-area Angelicas, made by Sainsevain Brothers, as follows: 'A bottle full of it contains I don’t know how many headaches.'"

*How is that only No. 6 on the NVR's list of the Top Stories of 2015?
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"While things are better now, the history of the wine business in California is in part a story of injustice and exploitation -- one that's not widely recognized or acknowledged by wine makers and trade organizations."
Exploitation in California agriculture? < mind blown >
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The Forgotten Kingpins Who Conspired to Save California Wine

Better be out there with buckets and hoses :/ ❤️🙏 Wine country 🔥🔥🔥
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