Backlinking approaches critical mass.
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Backlinking approaches critical mass. Append the referreral history to the page served and illuminate another dimension of linkspace. Via flutterby
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What a concept
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Biomolecular loops, where the template on which products are assembled is, in turn, synthesized by those products

Is he a paid writer? What is he talking about? What products are assembled? Is this obfuscation supposed to intimidate people? It doesn't work on me; I think he's naive.

Udell apparently picked up a copy of Loewenstein's book, plucked random phrases and concocted some flawed analogies in order to support some obvious observations about the dynamics of on-line networks.

The analogies are compelling -- though also, let's admit, fashionable and subject to abuse

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What I want is a good how-to. Anybody? I need something that will work on a standard PHP/Perl hosted site.
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I created a script that works with Perl/SSI. You can use it, if you like. Gratuitous self-link.
posted by waxpancake at 9:37 AM on May 12, 2002

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