May 9, 2002
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Back Massage! Backlinking? Backsliding? Backstabbing? Let's talk about back massaging. If you're interested in a back massage for yourself or your horse, here's a good place to start. I've never experienced the "Canadian Deep Muscle Massage" but, what the heck, if it's good enough for the Expos, it's good enough for me.
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"Therapeutic Touch is a laying-on-of-hands technique that doesn't actually touch the body but touches the energy field around it."

Some people pay to almost be massaged.

[Does a Therepeutic Touch masseuse in the seedier part of town offer to rub the energy field around your penis for an extra twenty? And do customers pay in Monopoly money?]
posted by pracowity at 3:11 AM on May 9, 2002

Or you could go and live under a power line for the same effect for free!
posted by Mwongozi at 4:09 AM on May 9, 2002

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