Am successfully passing as a cat. No one suspects a thing. Woof.
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This is Nathan the Beach Cat, and she loves the beach. Video evidence [Facebook, cheery music]. Instagram
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Maybe Nathan has a bit of tiger in her. Aren't tigers one of the few (only?) types of cat to not mind/enjoy going in the water? Either way, go Nathan!
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cat: "why are all these people swimming in the toilet?"
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You can teach cats to enjoy (or at least tolerate) water. But it's much easier if you start exposing them as kittens. A friend of mine has to regularly bathe her Sphynx cats and one of them just LOVES it.
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This writer's head is going to explode with a couple of megatons worth of force if they discover there's an entire breed of cats that enjoys swimming and catching fish.
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I've seen video somewhere of a surfing cat that would ride the nose of a longboard with its human.

I used to have a cat that was all about riding around on my shoulders to the point that she even went for a couple of bike rides, and would also tolerate riding around in an open backpack. She was intensely fearless, which was cool but a liability because she had no qualms about taking off on her own, which made me wary of taking her far from home base.

I've also met a proper city leash cat that I used to know in my neighborhood in Seattle, a rather large tuxedo cat. Its human would walk him a couple of blocks down to a local plaza or park and would just laze about in the sun and hang out with the humans, and was totally unphased by dogs or loud city noises.

I totally want an adventurecat. Can someone please splice a little dog brain DNA into cats? I want a cat that displays some of the pack animal instincts of a dog, the ability to train it like a dog, but I don't want the dog size, smell, bark or neediness and it should still retain most of the independence and aloofness of cat.
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I'm not saying Nathan _doesn't_ enjoy the water, but isn't it possible that she's just devoted to her humans and enjoys following them, and is willing to do so in the water sometimes? She doesn't _mind_ the water that much, but she doesn't seem particularly thrilled with it.

I have known kitties who were that devoted and would trust me that much, and I've seen videos of cats who truly love the water, but I'm not seeing kitty joy/fun/playfulness here...

(Also, it's probably safer if she doesn't love the water so much that she heads out into open water, so it's not like I'm complaining here.)
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I'd say it's been 50/50 for cats in my life who like water. It's not entirely unusual, it's just that cats who hate water respond to it in such an amusing way that it sticks in your head. That full body convulsion of horror, awwwww
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Some cats are indeed dog-like. I refer to the type as 'houndcat' because the ones I've known have been similar to pot-lickin houndogs in temperment.

I am currently governed by a tuxedo kitty who was rescued from life on the streets by a coworker who bought my future tuxedo kitten off a panhandler. The kitten was tied up with a rope about his neck while being used as 'bait' for donations....

This cat is fearless and into everything; it's like living with poltergeist because all things are opened for adventure. I can assure you that he must have been exposed to chaos during his young life: noises are no problem, there's no concern about strangers and he jumps into the tub to check out the water.
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I've seen cats that were raised with dogs who did their best to wag their tails. The cat didn't seem distressed, and would move the tail from the base rather than sinuous motion through the whole tail.
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This cat is a good doggo.

Also for some reason this made a lot more sense when I found out that Nathan was Australian.
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