A Friendship Story
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Sriracha is a rescue kitty with cerebellar hypoplasia. She soon met Batman, a rescue piglet who also lived at Rancho Relaxo [FB]. Batman comforted Sriracha during her occasional seizures. They became best friends. Unfortunately, Batman died from a congenital condition. Fortunately, Rancho Relaxo soon rescued Batman’s big brother Dragonlord. It was True Love. Sriracha was recently adopted [Instagram], but Dragonlord soon found another Best Feline Forever: Raisin. [via]
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Oh, poor shaky licky kitty!

I’m glad she had a good pig.
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Black cats are best cats. I rest my case.
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I knew a great cat with CH. His name was Chicken. He swayed too much to stand at his food dish to eat, so he would lie next to the dish and swat the little kibbles out of the bowl and munch them off the floor. He was the greatest.
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We don't deserve animals.
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The Johnny Wallflower-est of Johnny Wallflower posts. Thanks!
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A friend of mine had a CH cat and she was literally the most mischievous creature I have ever met; her back legs didn't work so well but she was somehow very clever with her front paws

So many situations like: kitty, you have difficulty even walking, how did you open the kitchen cabinets so the dog could eat all the snacks stored inside them????
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They are all so adorable! My older cat Lucy has a mild form of CH. She is really the bestest kitty ever in the history of evers. I can say that she has gotten adept at walking and running and jumping (she can stick a landing much better in recent years), and she is much more vocal. Who knows why? Myelin acts in strange and mysterious ways.
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How am I supposed to live in a world in which Batman would die, leaving Sriracha bereft?

and then Dragonlord has to deal with the leaving of Sriracha?

Yay for Raisin, but still. This world. I do not know what to do with it.
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From roughly age 8 to age 23 I had a cat with CH: Sam by name. He was orange and delightfully unkempt, and as most of his life was contiguous with the (first) Bloom County era, he was often identified with Bill the Cat.

We got him from the SPCA and apparently he was the only one of his sickly litter who survived; I am told we got a concerned call about his health from the SPCA and they offered a replacement if we wanted to bring him in to have him put to sleep. My mom would not hear of it, so Sam with his awkward gait and perpetually puzzled expression lived his span among our motley assortment of cats (also including an epileptic one prone to grand mal seizures, and a tiny, perpetually pissed-off Red Abyssinian).

I recall Sam once looking at a chair from the floor and sizing up the seat for a jump up to rest. He wobbled back and forth, made a false start, and finally jumped with such force that he overshot the chair entirely and landed in a crumpled heap on the far side before picking himself up with a familiar wounded dignity and tottering away to a less problematic spot to lie down.

Good cat.
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I assume that Dragonlord is going to end up being 500 pounds, right? Because otherwise, I may need a pet piggy. That is a very cute piggy.

Apparently, someone in my neighborhood has a pet pig. I know this because there was a post recently on the neighborhood Facebook group that was like "um, does anyone know why there's a small pig hanging out in someone's yard on Whatever Street." And someone else was like "oh, that must be Jane Smith's pet pig. He gets out sometimes. I'll call Jane and let her know."

On the downside, it's probably not easy to find a kennel that will board your pet pig when you go on vacation.
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I had a cat with CH. He was the BESTEST. We called him Weebles because Weebles wobble but they don't fall down. He could jump, but mostly straight up so getting onto the chair or couch was sometimes problematic, but he must have been a baseball fan because he always gave it three tries (strikes) before he gave up. He was having a hard time climbing up our stairs because they were hard wood so we added a runner and he would combination jump and claw his way up to chase the other two cats. The other two seemed to know Weebles was not as coordinated as them and they would sometimes bring him over toys to play with. However, a lot of times they were annoyed by him running over and then falling into them and waking them up. He was Mr. Curious too. I miss Weebles.
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The sweetness! The rampant sweetness!

My dear, departed CH kitty Melanie was one of the toughest and sweetest critters I ever knew. She never made friends with other cats, though. I sometimes wondered if it was because her head tremors made the usual mutual sniffing difficult.
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