May 9, 2002
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Remember how some of us joked that the mailbox bomber was placing his bombs in a smiley face pattern? Well, we were right.
posted by Reggie452 (9 comments total)
i hope he doesn't break the first rule of fight club :)

also, MeTa
posted by sawks at 7:10 AM on May 9, 2002

At first I didn't see it, but if one thinks that maybe the circles in Nebraska and Illinois are the eyes of the smiley face, The ones placed in Colorado and Texas were only part of the mouth. If you look at Missouri as a sort of nose, it looks like there were at least six more potential targets. He may have had targets in mind everywhere from Oklahoma to West Virginia.

But if that was the case why'd they catch him in Nevada? He was going the wrong way. The artist in me wishes they'd have let him finish. It's an incomplete work. I wonder if someone else is gonna finish it for him?
posted by ZachsMind at 7:37 AM on May 9, 2002

Thanks for pointing that out, sawks. I never check MetaTalk.

Congrats definitely go out to KevinSkomsvold.
posted by Reggie452 at 8:00 AM on May 9, 2002

And this from the dynamic front man of Apathy?

It sounds positively motivated to me. Maybe it was a cheeky wink to Watchmen.
posted by Kafkaesque at 8:44 AM on May 9, 2002

Do we have a graphic of the map?
posted by brownpau at 9:22 AM on May 9, 2002

Here's the graphic, courtesy of CNN. I hate to say it, but while he obviously got the eyes right, I don't know where the hell he was going to get the actual smile in there anytime soon with just 2 dots (assumedly he was trying to place another dot in Nevada when caught?).
posted by yarf at 9:53 AM on May 9, 2002

too much! so this wasn't a joke after all!
posted by quonsar at 10:30 AM on May 9, 2002

What a sick demented little puppy. But wait.... Nevada isn't anywhere on the smiley, is it? Or was he already on the run?
posted by brownpau at 11:33 AM on May 9, 2002

According to this article he's being tried about a mile down the street from where I go to school. How nice is that? Maybe I can stop by the courthouse and get him to autograph my "Apathy" CD.
posted by darainwa at 1:49 PM on May 9, 2002

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