Outraged web news site republishes naughty pictures
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Outraged web news site republishes naughty pictures so that all their readers can see what the fuss was about. Not just one picture. ALL of them. Except that from where I sit, they're not that naughty: she's fully dressed in some kind of Russian fur thing. Yes! We are outraged! At this one! and ... this one too! and that one there! See how outraged we are!
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This reminds me so much of the medical newspaper I used to art direct for. We did an article on breast enlargement, and they gave me these pictures to, um, put pasties on. :-)

Oh, they said, make them square; round ones would be a bit too... salacious.

"Huh?", quoth I.
posted by baylink at 2:11 PM on May 16, 2000

For everyone that wants it, the site that posted these pictures orginally is voyeurweb. (warning: porn.)
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This reminds me of a big scandal in Kansas City when a local strip club managed to take several pictures of their "staff" posing in skimpy bikinis on and around a KCFD hook and ladder truck in front of the major art museum in KC for a calendar. I don't think they ever found out what happened there, but everyone sure acted upset for a few weeks.
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There's also been a string of firehouse incidents in Chicago, most revolving around a "party tape" that was 2 or 3 years old when it was discovered, and runs constantly on local news stations, as if all firefighters are constantly getting drunk, playing with strippers, and yelling racist comments into the camera every darned day.

I mean, discipline the folks involved, and forget about it. But it became a cause celebre, and actually led to the firing of the chief inspector, his estrangement from his father -- the fire commissioner, and eventually the resignation of the commissioner himself. Now the media go into a frenzy every time they hear of anything sounding remotely like firemen goofing off during their downtime (which ideally is going to be a lot of time). What do we think they do? Back into their Borg interface cells and go into suspended animation while waiting for a fire?

Meanwhile there's REAL corruption at city hall and REAL brutality in police stations, but they don't get nearly the attention ... because there isn't a handy videotape to run over and over and over and over and over and over and over ... until you scream.
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