No, not that Linus
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Linus Åkesson is a fascinating and versatile fellow. I follow his work chiefly because of his chiptunes (most with mp3 downloads), but there's a lot more on his 10+ year old site: cryptic crosswords and deep dives into obscure bugs in obsolete computer systems (or even modern ones). Or, if computers aren't your speed, you can find a claw designed to pull debris from a chimney and a sliding chandelier. There's more, perhaps you'd like to just visit a random page from
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Linus is the guy who wrote A Mind is Born the most amazing 256 byte intro I've ever seen. (Previously on MeFi).
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I have seen and loved a lot of his projects, (first I saw was Craft, a demo that runs on an AVR microcontroller, and has to do its own VGA) but I'm excited to learn about the cryptic crosswords. I look forward to solving one during lunch tomorrow!
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I had a feeling from the description that this might be the site of the guy that made a mandelbrot set viewer entirely within vim macros, and yep, it was.
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"A Mind is Born" is hypnotic. Very cool.
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