Pls Enjoy Jeff Goldblum Enjoying Life
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Let Jeff Goldblum Make Your Day With His Creative Compliments of the Thor: Ragnarok Cast

“I want to put you inside my brain,” Jeff Goldblum purred. “I have a guest house all fixed up for you, ready to go.”
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This article rates 10 Goldblums out of a possible 10 Goldblums.
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Ah... well, there it is.
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I cannot easily express how much I like Jeff Goldblum. I first took particular notice of him in the movie "Buckaroo Banzai", in a scene where he arrives for his first day as a member of what is essentially a super hero team, and is dressed as a cowboy. Somebody looks him up and down and says "Nice spurs, Doc," and Goldblum turns to the other person present and asks,"Is he making fun of me?"

I began liking him in that moment, and nothing since that moment has done anything to tarnish my impression of him. No movie has ever failed to be improved by his presence.
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New Jersey! ❤
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In fact, let's just go to the tape.
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Earth Girls Are Easy and Buckaroo Banzai made a permanent impression on me.
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Vidal’s villa was on the Amalfi Coast, not the south of France
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This is delightful and Jeff Goldblum should feel delightful (and I suspect he does).
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My favorite Goldblum quote is from his IMDB page, and reads exactly in the same distracted stream-of-consciousness way in which you can imagine him speaking.

It's been fun, obviously if you want to be an actor and you think of being successful you always thought that would go along with it, I never thought that was a horrible thing, in fact I've enjoyed it, it's a sweet thing you feel on most encounters, like it's an amazing rare thing that you feel connected to people in a way you're not strangers, you're not bumping into people and they go hey! They're going hey it's you and I'm glad to see you and I like you, and that's a delicious wonderful thing for the most part, it gives you a sense of responsibility so you can't misbehave without being talked about, you know people are going to say, "You know who was a real jerk today? Jeff Goldblum!", so you got to be, but that's a good thing, if we all knew we were going to be reported about and couldn't be anonymous that's not a bad thing, but sometimes you can't exactly, sometimes you want to be private, and it can be embarrassing, or not so nice, but for the most part it's great.

Every now and then, I think of the line, “You know who was a real jerk today? Jeff Goldblum!” Which never fails to crack me up.
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Despite living in LA, I very rarely encounter celebrities, and have been known to not recognize the ones I do see.

Boarding a flight, I exchanged glances with a guy in first class and it took me a full ten minutes sitting in coach to realize I had just flirted with Jeff Goldblum.

He looks great in person.
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I cannot WAIT for Ragnarok.
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he is like weapons-grade charming at all times and it never seems false, what a delight
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Somebody slow it down to 50% and get us some fresh Drunk Jeff Goldblum
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I love the fact that he can brag about his younger wife being a contortionist and, from him, it doesn't seem skeevy!
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The only man under the age of 90 who can use the phrase "by gum" and have it seem natural.
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I'm a little worried his enthusiasm for Waititi was slightly muted by comparison.
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My favorite Goldblum moment ever.

This coming from a guy who had Goldblum watching him poop so long that his wife made him take the bathroom poster down.
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He was the only actor who had a chance of replacing D'Onofrio on Law and Order: Criminal Intent, the best of all Laws and Orders.

Thanks for this, I was having a shitty day and needed to hear this delight.
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Goldblum regularly plays jazz piano and monologues at the audience at a small bar in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. He also takes pictures with everyone who wants one, and flirts outrageously throughout. Entertainingly skeevy. Classic Goldblum.
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Goldblum on Craig Ferguson - including a couple of attempts to play the movie game.
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Jeff Goldblum was on the Graham Norton Show last week, and he gave similar glowing compliments about the making of the movie. Then he backed jazz singer Gregory Porter on piano:

His style of playing piano is definitely very Goldblum-like — long pauses interspersed with quick, jerky bursts of energy, and a bit of atonality.

Unfortunately, this is clip is filmed off a TV, with the filmer laughing in the background, but please watch to the end where Gregory Porter does an excellent imitation Jeff Goldblum.
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Tenspeed and Brownshoe!!!! Anyone?
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Yes! For years, I always thought of Jeff Goldblum as "that guy who was on Tenspeed and Brownshoe with Ben Vereen."
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I love every incarnation of Jeff Goldblum. The first time I ever really noticed him was when he was playing a convincing creep in 'The Big Chill', which left me totally unprepared for the sheer sexiness that was Jeff Goldblum in 'The Fly'. I love his hands.
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Here is a film I would like to see: it is Being John Malkovich, except with Jeff Goldblum instead of John Malkovich, and when Jeff Goldblum goes through the tiny door to see what it's like being Jeff Goldblum, he's surrounded by Jeff Goldblums suggestively wiggling their eyebrows while saying "Goldblum!" and he obviously decides to stay there because this is clearly the best of all possible worlds, and we, the viewers, suddenly become enlightened and realise that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that there is no such thing as death - that we are all Jeff Goldblum subjectively, uh, experiencing himself.

Here's Jeff Goldblum with the weather.
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Thor: Ragnarok 4D w/ the 'Thor' Cast. "*Spoiler Alert* James Corden enlists the cast of 'Thor: Ragnarok' to crash a screening of the film and perform a live-action rendition starring Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hiddleston, Tessa Thompson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeff Goldblum."
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