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Post/black/drone/avant metallers Krallice collaborate with the mighty Dave Edwardson of Neurosis (vocals, synths) on new record Loüm. Synthesizers recorded at the very cool Vintage Synthesizer Museum.
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I never expected this to be a Metafilter post, but awesome that it is. I haven’t listened past track one yet—too busy today so far—but that track is killer.

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I've been waiting for this record for weeks, ever since I heard that Dave Edwardson was doing vocals and synthesizers(!). The noisy synth ending of the fourth track is awesome. There's a couple points where they go into d-beat that made me want to mosh at my desk. Great record.
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The cover art rules too!
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That is very good.
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This is fucking awesome, Krallice is so great at being both precise and intense. I'm an analog synth lover who isn't particularly concerned with the vintage obsession, but all the same, being a short trip from the Vintage Synth Museum fills me with dreams about wailing on a real Prophet 5 once I've got the material to justify those 30$/hour.
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V fucking cool, thank you thank you thank you.

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(Need I even say it?)
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