Digging the Reno
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"This is our history, culture, heritage. We are using our voices to change our future." The Reno, a legendary club in Moss Side, has been excavated by former regulars working with Salford University's Applied Archaeology Department. Opened on the corner of Moss Lane East and Princess Road in 1962, its heyday was from 1971 to 1981 when it became a haven for Manchester's mixed-race community who often weren't welcome elsewhere. posted by Helga-woo (4 comments total) 13 users marked this as a favorite
Finding a block of red leb in the dig was a nice touch.
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This is really cool. Thanks for posting!
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This is wonderful!

Photos from Moss Side in the 70s, from the BBC.
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Reading about the destruction of the Moss Side homes and the Council not listening to community residents reminded me of the Grenfell fire. It seems there is a long history of ignoring the community and taking a "we know what's best for you" stand. It also reminded me of the destruction/redevelopment of the Fillmore district in San Francisco, which destroyed San Francisco's African American community.
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