Quincy Symonds loves surfing
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FYI: 8yo video has not been made available in US by uploader.

Super-cool progression, nonetheless....
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If you only watch one video make it the 6yr old one. This kid didn't have the easiest start in life and maybe somewhere in those early (and ongoing) tribulations grew the seeds of her current skills and strengths. Who decides to go surfing before knowing what surfing is? Someone who has self-belief.
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This is groovy!
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1. I grew up surfing. I currently live 3-4 hours away from surfable waves, but have had my kids in swimming lessons from age 2. We took our first trip to Tofino, BC (my all time favorite surfing spot including everywhere on the central CA coast where I grew up) and I thought it would be fun to take the kids out on waves when my oldest was 6. This lasted about 30 seconds before it was totally obvious he needed several more years of developing the strength and confidence to merely swim in the ocean much less stand on a surf board.

2. My kids are in fact really great skiers, and I will tell you the most amazing thing about Quincy is that she appears to schlep her own gear without complaining about it to her parents.
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