For All Your Art Needs:
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For All Your Art Needs: My search for a more contemporary and inclusive supplement to Artcyclopedia has ended. Artnet is it. It's an amazing resource and its list of artists, is the longest and most generously illustrated I've ever seen on the Web. Heaven...![On preview, I see it's been linked twice before, by RJ Reynolds - of course! - but it definitely deserves a post all to itself.]
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Mark Harden's Artchive has always been good to me. He's been scanning hi res images for a while now.
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I like. The international directory of galleries, art houses and museums is wonderful, too - something good to bookmark and print out when travelling. The images are really good quality so you can see lots and lots of nice detail.

The magazine seems to be offline, which is a disappointment - I'd love to poke through the articles a bit.
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Art and Culture is also a beauty, especially the inter-connections bit.
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And here I was coming to MeFi to do a series of links, featuring this recent article on Artnet, on Black Romantic and Black Male, two exhibitions by Thelma Golden about the still-troublesome representation (in both senses) of Black Americans in art. Hmmph! ;)

Artnet is quite lovely: the magazine of course is a little insular, and also New York-centric, but hey, so's the mainstream gallery art world.
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Arts Journal is an excellent arts related weblog.

It's one of the teeny tiny handful of web pages I read every weekday.
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Hey, my grandmothers on there! Course, theres nothing in her listing, but SHES THERE!

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