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Adapted from an ongoing manga by relative newcomer studio Kinema Citrus, Made in Abyss (youtube trailer) explores the drive of curiosity, the limits of humanity, and a giant, terrifying pit.

From a "nigh-perfect premiere" through to a finale that one reviewer calls "[so strong], it could probably beat up my dad", Made in Abyss maintains an impressively cohesive vision, aided by Australian composer Kevin Penkin's thoughtful and often breathtaking "musical 'color' palette".

(Some visual spoilers in the video review, definite spoilers in most of the links past this point.)

Part of its success may be down to the studio trying to do things a bit differently. NHK World's imagine-nation goes behind the scenes to find out about how the staff from every stage of production are together in the same building, and president Muneki Ogasawara talks a little about their motivation.

Sakugabooru (previously) takes a more in depth look at each episode's production staff (episode 1), the studio set up (episode 2), the visual design (episodes 3-4), and the animation (episodes 5-6). The show has also provided opportunites for the staff, with episode eight being almost single-handedly animated by Yuko Fuji (episodes 7-8), an animation director credit for inbetweener Katsuya Yoshii (episodes 9-10), and a double length finale produced by their tiny new subsidiary Gift-o’-Animation (episodes 11-13).

Emily at for me, in full bloom writes about her first impressions, then delves into Made in Abyss' cinematography and visual storytelling [1] [2] [3] [4], its narrative structure [1] [2] [3] and themes [1] [2] [3]. She also touches on Kou Yoshinari's sometimes divisive animation style.

While reading, you might enjoy listening to the insert song the post title is taken from.
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(The videos are embed links as that was the only way I could find to hide youtube's rather spoilery suggested videos and to link to a timecode on dailymotion. Regular links here for the trailer, review and imagine-nation [11:45] episode.)
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This show fucked me up a bit. I just wanna warn anyone going into it that it's not all cute and happy. Not like Narutaru level or anything but it really disturbed me and the people who watched it with me. I went in blind and I wish I hadn't because I likely wouldn't have watched it at all.

Not that it's bad mind you. It's really well done.
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Thanks Sternmeyer, I had a mental note to add a warning, but I failed to write it in my digital notes.

Made in Abyss graphically depicts fatal danger. More specifically, rollover for content spoilers. This AF podcast (general story spoilers) also has some really good critical discussion about the flaws from 51:10 on.
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Where can one watch the actual anime?
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you can watch it legitimately on Amazon with an Anime Strike subscription, but there's a 7-day free trial if you have time to just binge it before paying the $5 a month.

and of course your usual shady not-entirely-legal resources, but I don't think we're allowed to link to those.
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Certainly the best anime of Summer 2017 for sure.
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I've been watching this and it's really good. Best anime since Space Patrol Luluco.
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I'm up to episode 5. Totally hooked!
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holy shit. I just finished episode 8, but goddamn, episode 7.
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That might be my favourite arc, even just for the character and set design, but I'm a sucker for giant tree houses. I've seen comments from manga readers who feel like there were (manga / episode 7 spoilers) more imposing frames in the original, but having only seen the anime myself I share your sentiments.
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i meeeeeeeaan, that twist! like the japanese voice actress is so good in her callousness and matter-of-factly reveal. even though you learn later that that was actually a promise she made, it's like she enjoyed stating it that way.
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should we make a fanfare post so we can discuss spoilers?
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That's a good idea, I didn't want to double post here and in fanfare myself.
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I made a request for the show to be added on Fanfare. I'll let you know when to jump over!

Also, holy shit episode 10
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ok I finished the season and the show was approved, and a post is up!
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