7 forgotten women surrealists
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On the one hand: Yay! This is my favorite subject on Earth!

On the other hand: The article misgenders Toyen. It's a sadly common mistake, and i'm not trying to blame the OP: I just want to make sure that y'all don't do it too.
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I am indecently proud that my favorite female surrealist is not in this list, and therefore I subject you to Remedios Varo
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Here's a gallery of Tichenor's work, although with slightly ridiculous navigation (the thumbnails are somewhat random pieces of the image), but I guess that's part of the Surrealist approach!
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I've been a Kay Sage fan ever since I saw Hyphen at MoMA. Unfortunately, it hasn't been on view in years.
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Another couple of surrealist women whose work is worth exploring:

Eileen Agar

Unica Zürn

(And if you can get your hands on a copy of Zürn's book, Man of Jasmine, FFS do it. )

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There's an interesting song about Leanor Fini by Katell Keinig from her album Jet. Basically a recitation of her obituary. She was a fascinating woman.
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