The Boys in the Picture
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In July, 1990, photographer Peter Widing snapped a perfect shot of three young football (soccer) players. In 2006, his friend and colleague Christian Daun first saw and became obsessed with the photograph, half-joking with Widing about tracking the three unnamed boys down. In May, 2016, Widing took his own life, shattering Daun's understanding of things and sending him down the journey they'd never taken. By July, 2017, he'd found the boys, now grown men, and learned about where their own lives had led.
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No you're crying. 😿
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Thank you for posting this.
posted by hoyland at 6:21 PM on November 13, 2017

I will never tire of stuff like this.
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That's a great story; thanks for the post.
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That's a beautiful story.
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Three or four moments in time.
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