Baby disorders and untoward misfortunes
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On the eve of the Civil War, a nightmare at sea turned into one of the greatest rescues in maritime history. More than a century later, a rookie treasure hunter went looking for the lost ship—and found a different kind of ruin.
The Wreck of the Connaught, by David Wolman.
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Damn good story. Thanks for sharing.
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I didn't find the modern story very compelling, but the backstory is amazing, so no wonder it was doled out through the whole thing. Also, random thought on finishing it: milkshake duck is not a 21st century-only phenomenon.
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I just eat that stuff up. As sort of an infovore, I love seeing research's central role in the otherwise less cerebral world of treasure hunting. (Same reason I love Indiana Jones so much.)
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To me the amazing part of the story is that nobody died in that disaster.
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Say what you like, Robert Leitch is no Francesco Schettino ...
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What a great tale.
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