Q: Why was the big emu so lonely? A: He was ostrich-sized.
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By popular demand, here is the second in a series about disheveled animals. Emee Emu was hatched, as birds are wont to do. She was soon running about and playing with other young animals. She especially enjoys fetch.

Other emus enjoy running with, chilling with—and teasing—Daisy the boxer.

A weasel ball (previously) provides loads of fun for emus and ostriches.

How much better can it get than watching baby emus chasing a baby pig around the house? The answer is none. None better.

Finally, please enjoy the interspecies antics of Ethan and Peepers [somewhat annoying Nilsson soundtrack].
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Emus are great. Related, folks should vote for Australian Bird of the Year. Unlike a political contest, all of these birds are legitimately excellent, so this is really tough. I went for the currawong, since they are so common where we live, and slightly more sensible than the sometimes-goofy magpie.

Also in our estate there is a gang of peahens that roam about (and pick my chilli plant seedlings clean of leaves). The poops they leave, and they leave a lot of poops, are enormous. I cannot even fathom an emu poop.
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Bite them, Daisy. No jury would convict you.
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Finally! All* of my dreams have come true!

* well, okay. Some of my dreams.
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I had no idea Emee was the source of my favorite emus with arms video. One semester I got into a loop where I showed strange emu videos to my high school students whenever we needed a break, and the one of Emee with arms chasing around the dog always provoked some great laughter. One of my students who loved that video the most has since passed away, and it pains me to think I can't send them some updated videos of our favorite emu-with-arms all grown up. Thanks for tracking down the original source; I can't wait to show them to my students to ease back into work after Thanksgiving break.
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I love the weird dance that emu and ostrich babies do. And the tappy sounds on the video of the babies and the piglet? Aww.
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. for Rod Hull, the puppeteer who led a generation to believe that emus liked to assault celebrities (most of whom deserved it).
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MetaFilter: Watch your nipples!
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One of my favourite bird memories was having a group of five emus run along beside my car for a distance when I was driving across the Hay Plains. The plains are unrelentingly flat and stark, but beautiful in their own way. The birds were close enough to get a good look at the blue on their necks, which was more vivid than it ever appears to be in photos. Shame I already voted for the Bin Chicken in the Australian Bird of the year, it's the bird we deserve.

I remember visiting fuzzy little emu chicks as a kid (were they picked up from paddock orphaned? Were they home hatched at someone's house? I can't remember...) and watching them chase my Dad's watch that he held out on offer. Attracted by the shiny metal band they'd run in a gaggle, snapping at it with their mini emu beaks (I'd be less thrilled at that if they were fullsized). The stripey little chicks are so cute, and the eggs are otherworld beautiful. We used to collect the eggs sometimes for locals to carve [Culture warning: footage of an Aboriginal Australian man now deceased]. My housemate, a new arrival to Australia was at her professor's house recently and remarked on his 'cool bluetooth speakers' which were actually emu eggs on display. She'd be mortified if she knew I was sharing that, so if you're hanging out with us just be cool about that detail, thanks.
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I had no idea Emee was the source of my favorite emus with arms video.

That is the funniest thing I have ever seen, now I have a new go-to Bad Day Improver video, thank you so much.
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