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Billy Strings was practically born into bluegrass: his mother’s water broke while she was attending a birthday party packed with musicians and baby Billy was born with the echo of guitars and banjos in his ears. Short set with Don Julin for KEXP at Pickathon 2015. Full set at Colectivo in Milwaukee last month.
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Very tasty, thanks.
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Dust in a Baggie is a pretty great nod to old school outlaw country.
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Here he is head-to-head with Bryan Sutton on Freeborn Man. It's fairly fuckin' bananas.

Fun fact: Don Julin is the author of Mandolin for Dummies.
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Never heard of this guy until my friends up north starting talking about one of the hometown ski hills re-opening (well, re-re-re-opening) and there being a kick-off party to celebrate. This Billy fella was the main attraction and it looked like it pulled in a pretty good crowd, so good going Mancetucky.
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Fun fact about Mt Mancelona: since it faces west and a little bit north, they don't need to make snow there. Just need one of the big snow cat thingies to keep the snow packed.
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Wow. That blew me away. Thank you.
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That is great stuff! I've gone back to listen again two more times.
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same here. I added it to my best/fav play list. They are incredible.
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