The Home Page of the Finishing Industry
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Finishing Dot Com is the Home Page of the Finishing Industry. It is a website for Serious Education, promoting Aloha, & the most FUN you can have in metal finishing!

Started as a BBS by Ted Mooney and Tom Pullizzi, has been providing information to the metal finishing industry and amateurs alike for 28 years. Whether you're painting, plating, powder coating, PVD, anodizing, bluing, galvanizing, or applying any other finish the community of stands ready to provide the advice of years of experience in the finishing industry.
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Oh man, I haven't even started yet
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What -1 was saying the other day in the Javelin thread applies here:
It reminds of the good old days of the web, when the sites were still heavily enthusiast-driven and people were more about content in the sense of information rather than content solely to get ad clicks/Facebook shares.
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That site needs a hit counter at the bottom of the home page.
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The FUN link is wonderful, thank you for that! Even though I'm a grownup who feels they know a lot about the scientific method, there's something beautifully clarifying about hearing someone explain it rigorously, yet accessibly, to a high school kid.
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I love the Finishing is about creating a surface/skin with the properties you need part, and I love the emphasis placed in purple swirly letters
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Previously and fascinatingly.
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Finishing is key to a sustainable future. I did not know that. I'm not sure it's true but I am sure that this is a fine site. Thanks, OP!
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That is a great link. Finishing! Who knew!
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My hat's off to them for aggressively sticking to the web design they know, but holy cats I wish they could at least concede to the era of broadband enough to post larger photos. It's fascinating stuff undermined by illustrations at flyspeck sizes.
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What? No utensil placement and curtsey categories??
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Oh man, what a reasource. I'll be using this and sharing this with coworkers.

I need to know the difference in contact materials for color anodize vs Type II anodize on titanium. Like yesterday.
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Google searches have sent me to on many occasions. It’s the best message board-type resource there is, for what they do.
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So this is what those Austen girls were up to...
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