Drinking Pace Indicated, Not Recommended
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Titus Jones' Mashup Power Hour 206 songs. 159 artists. 60 mashups. 60 minutes. 60 shots. Because everybody could use some disturbingly good-but-how-did-you-think-to-try-this micromixes to start their Friday off right.
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Oh God... I'm going to struggle with all the earworms the rest of the day...
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Oh these are nice. Almost tasteful, for mashups. Is that possible?

My power hour days are long over, but with one ounce shots (instead of 1.5 as indicated here) they’re pretty do-able. But 90oz of anything in an hour is pushing the limit, to say nothing of 90oz of inadequately-chilled Stroh’s.
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Personally, I've been keeping myself busy with my books and with my tapes.
Every day's much better since I've slowed my drinking pace.
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Dipped in and out a bit and agree that these are excellent mashups. The whole hour-long set also appears to be well constructed lyrically, thematically, and pace-wise. Like uncleozzy, my power hour days are far behind me. But if I was going to do some ill-advised binge drinking, I'd like for this to be the soundtrack.
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I really like Titus Jones. They do my favorite Halloween mashup.
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I think there is a message for song writers and arrangers: adding more layers - at least for part of the time- nearly always makes things better.

For drinking shots to at least.
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I was really excited about this when I misread the name as "Titus Burgess".
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I'd be okay with Titus Andromedon as well.
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Hour long mashups make for the best running music - constant pace, ear worms to distract, fun bouncy tunes.
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I'm so delighted and I'm so mad about it
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Titus Jones previously.
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Ohhh that Me Too/Too Sexy mashup is genius. I am enjoying this to groove to while taking care of some routine tasks for a volunteer gig. No beer, though (maybe later (what is a 'shot' of beer anyway?))
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