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'Nada' was the comic book adaptation of Ray Nelson’s short story 'Eight O’Clock in the Morning'. You might know the story better from the film version.
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To quote a TV time traveler, "oh, boy..."
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Christ, "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" was a great story—I read it in the November 1963 F&SF and it's stayed with me ever since. The movie was worthy of it; the comic not so much.
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no, it's OBEY - easy mistake though
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Didn't Stephen King write a story inspired by this one?
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You're thinking of The Ten O'Clock People where you can see "them" by smoking just the right amount of nicotine.
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One significant thematic difference between They Live and Eight O'Clock in the Morning is the first one of "them" that Nada kills. A "lovable old drunk" in Eight O'Clock and a police officer in They Live.

They come across as using human authority and structures of power, where the Fascinators are indifferent to that other than using the media to broadcast their messages.
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