also known as the death metal album cover fox
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The gray fox of the American Southwest is 2.5-3.5 ft long, weighs about 7-15 lbs, and by the way, it drags skeletons up into the trees. [modestly graphic photo]
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Is it reasonable to love a fox? Cos these foxes are rad as hell and I am here for it.
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AMAZING. I'm sure these would make excellent pets, right? All I would need in my house are some trees & deer & a high tolerance for the stench of rotting meat! I'm sold.
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They're all good canids
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Wow, that photo!
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Particularly after rain, the smell of these “skeleton trees” can be quite powerful and can carry great distances.

I suspect that this is what is otherwise known as "understatement."
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Aww, that's so cuAAAAAHHHH!
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Saw one of these walk boldly up to a water feature to drink one time when I was out birding. They are slinky.
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Cute. I'm pretty sure my dogs would do roughly the same thing if I let them. Maybe minus the tree part.
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freakazoid, you reminded me of Dogs in Elk (here illustrated with pumpkin carnage)
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What good foxes! Thank you for sharing this information!
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Good work, fox.
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