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Glitch Forever Wiki [via mefi projects] I have, with some help, revived the Glitch Strategy Wiki for the long-gone and much-mourned MMO, Glitch. The wiki was rebuilt from an older archive augmented with a lot of copy-pasting from Wayback pages. It will serve as a resource for gamers in Eleven alpha and hopefully Children of Ur revival projects, along with various other spinoff creations, or for those who just want to revel in nostalgia.
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I kind of messed up the posting from Projects part, but this was created by ErisLordFreedom.

I've been playing Animal Crossing on iOS and it's made me miss Glitch so much.
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i still miss 'game neverending'.
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For those wondering, links to the above referenced games are at and

Good luck googling just the word "Eleven" in a post-Stranger Things world.
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*sobs brokenly*

I miss Glitch. I feel like it would've made this awful fucking year a lot easier.
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I've been dabbling in Children of Ur on and off, but man, it's just not the same. Every time I use Slack at work (so, yanno, daily), I'm reminded in a roundabout way of the Glitch-sized hole in my life.
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I actually got the email about this over the weekend and spent a lot of time re-exploring, but my life the last few years precluded me from following up with much of the poat-Glitch work. I'll have to check out Children of Ur when I get home.
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I tried so hard to get into Glitch and I could never get an invite when it was ramping up, and by the time I made it in the game was already on the downturn and I couldn't figure out how the game worked, so I quit. I guess it was something like a browser version of A Tale in the Desert?
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I guess it was something like a browser version of A Tale in the Desert?

I'm not sure what that was, but I have very fond memories of my Glitch days, especially with all the Mefites I hung with.

I would have described it as a psychedelic Farmville with a fever-dream chat room and soundtrack.
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My Glitch profile.
Awesome that these links still work.
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Really at least half the fun was just hanging out with other MeFites.

ErisLordFreedom, I think I have a ton of screenshots, and even some Dance Party video. If you think any of it might be useful let me know; I can upload it somewhere and you're free to use any of it.

My Glitch profile.
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*sobbing* I would have paid, I would have paid a LOT to keep Glitch up.
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I did not know any of you when I was there, but the Glitch community was one of the nicest I've ever seen online.

I just set up my account for kicks because someone recommended it as a game with gender-neutral avatars, and yet I knew as soon as the music kicked in and the first terrifying Glitch Giant appeared that I was gonna love the atmosphere. (Cosma was my Giant, but Friendly and Spriggan were beauties.)
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My profile: Jaen Padryga

Loved Glitch, but really miss GNE too. something about that early map and discovering things really triggered my dopamine.
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I miss cornering the market on pumpkins and then selling them for cheap just to burn the Halloween pumpkin speculators
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Most (all, maybe) of the listings have been ported to loads much faster.

Eleven Alpha is adding new people occasionally. Apparently there's some Facebook presence (I don't do FB), and the forums are slow but pleasant.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the wiki! The talk/discussion pages are open for things like "this was my favorite part" (normally, that's not what wiki talk pages get used for, but shrug, my wiki, my rules), and people are welcome to add their account names/avatars etc as pages. (we should have a people-profile infobox. We don't yet.)

Zilloween starts today in less than 8 hours.
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Glitch had the extraordinary property that the general chat channel was actually enjoyable to listen to. People discussed books! There was almost no spamming! Nothing racist!
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Glitch was this perfect combination of a fun game to play and a delightful MeFi chat channel to hang out in - you could sign on and be play-focused, or chat-focused, or both at the same time. I'm so glad for all the MeFi friends I made through that game.

Here's my Glitch profile.
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I miss cornering the market on pumpkins and then selling them for cheap just to burn the Halloween pumpkin speculators

I miss sneaking into people's houses and filling them with pumpkins.
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I wish I had thought to take more snaps of my house. I don't have a proper picture of my kitchen, for one.
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I think I have a ton of screenshots, and even some Dance Party video.

I want it all, all, all.

We're looking into ways the wiki could embed video instead of just having links. (Less sure about hosting; that can quickly run into filesize limits.)

One way to put images on the site if you're not sure where the should go: open an account with your Glitch username and create a page at, and add notes about what you loved and upload screencaps and favorite snaps.

( Also, did y'all know that Glitch is one of the sites MetaFilter has in its profiles collection? You can put in a link to your Glitch profile.)
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I never got to play Glitch, so I am hoping I get an invite from ElevenGiants.
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I'm also working on the Eleven Giants project and am thrilled to see the Glitch Forever Wiki online! Thank you, ErisLordFreedom!

My Glitch profile; I only got to play for a couple of weeks before the closing announcement, just long enough to get hooked and then heartbroken. I'd love to see the game back and am glad to be helping where I can. Eleven's current big challenges are server stability and recreating the 200 or so locations that weren’t in the Tiny Speck asset release. Just wish I knew javascript so I could help out on the dev side.

For those of y'all who'd like a chance at Eleven's alpha, your best bet is to keep track of the project's Forums and Facebook page. The Chronicles of Alpha Testing thread contains both nostalgia-inducing screenshots and wonderful "alpha-normal" weirdness.

Happy Zilloween to all!
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I, glinda-the-good, was so so so sad when Glitch closed.

If it comes back I will be so so so happy.
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I miss it so much that I used a bunch of the sound files on my phone. I secretly hope that someone will recognize the sounds and we can bond over the glory that was Glitch. #nevergonnahappen
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I think about GameNeverEnding all the time, still. I'm glad I got the mug with all the objects pictured on it. (redwitch)
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This THREAD makes me happy. I, steforama, also miss Glitch so much. I've never gotten into a game like that before. It was so relaxing and friendly and just SOMETHING. I miss my house and learning skills and just the feeling of being part of a big fun world.

pomegranate, I also have Glitch sounds as my ringtone and the Groddle Theme just triggers a sense of happiness whenever I hear it.
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Is there an explainer somewhere on how to get Glitch ringtones on an iphone?
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I just signed on with Eleven to help with development!!! 🤓
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Rom 641-A, the archive site has Downloads, including ringtones. I gather that to make them work with an iphone, you have to use itunes? Maybe? (I have an iphone; I am unwilling to install itunes, which means I can't transfer music across to the phone.)
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Oh, great, the instructions are right on the page. *clicks on ringtone downloads*

OMG I used to have the Rube song as my ringtone! I totally forgot; I wonder if it's still in my itunes.

Thank you!!
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As I play, I mean test, in the Eleven Alpha I make a point of leaving plates of beans around for folks to overthink. Because Ur is based on IMaGination.

(I joined MeFi after Glitch and was tickled to find out about the connections betwen the two.)
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