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Hot Ones is a Youtube series where people eat sequentially hotter wings while doing interviews. See Neil deGrasse Tyson get his comeuppance. Watch Terry Crews cry. There is something for everyone (all previous links are to Youtube). (Wikipedia about show for those who don't want to/can't watch videos)
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I show the Kevin Hart episode to new viewers. It’s one of the best.
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de Grasse Tyson is just the best. I binged watched a bunch of Hot Ones episodes a year ago (I thought I saw it via Metafilter but maybe not) and very few guests make it to the end. He makes it to the last sauce ("Megadeath" ... "Shouldn't it be Giga ? Or Tera? Don't you know that each of these is a thousand times..") while being inspirational and profound... but...

I think the hot sauce is boiling his brain a bit because he seems to claim that the most common elements in the universe are hydrogen (yes), oxygen, carbon, nitrogen ... which I think isn't right. Helium is definitely number 2 (he punts a bit on this because he says 'chemically active', which is a bit arbitrary but ok) and iron beats out nitrogen. Pretty sure.

(Not a famous astrophysicist, but don't have cameras bearing down on me with 100000+ Scoffield units burning through my sinuses)
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DJ Khaled episode is a funny one. And I literally just randomly came across the hotones sub-reddit via the "random" button.
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This is the correct Kevin Hart link. (I hadn't seen it, thanks zippy)
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This is how I discovered Mac Demarco. His plug at the end just resonated with me.
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I think the hot sauce is boiling his brain a bit because he seems to claim that the most common elements in the universe are hydrogen (yes), oxygen, carbon, nitrogen ... which I think isn't right.

Yeah that's the list of elements common on a thin layer of the Earth's surface, because they're light enough to have floated/accumulated there during the planet's formation. They make up the oceans, the atmosphere, and the bulk of that interesting film of scuzz we call "life".
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I'm watching the Neil DeGrasse Tyson one. I love it. With him, I'll watch and listen, but I don't think I can overcome the misophonia for anyone else's... except maybe Khaled.
Time will tell.
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Only watched one so far: Thomas Middleditch. He's pretty fun.
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Key & Peele
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Can't do a proper Hot Ones post without mentioning Brett Baker, *the* Hot Ones super fan. He compiles a power ranking of the best and most memorable episodes, including his own episode. Russell Brand's is retired after a special shout out pt1, pt2.

Brett's list covers the highlights, but it doesn't include early classics like:

* Guy Fieri (Actually a very compelling interview)
* Bobby Lee makes a mess
* Martin Garrix
* Eddie Huang tries to go in reverse

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Henry Rollins aced it completely after starting by saying that he never ate spicy food.
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I love this show and watch it all the time. The Wanda Sykes one was really good too.
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Hot Ones is one of my fav shows and is something I deliberately ignore for a while just so I can binge through episodes.
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Yes! I really enjoy this series. The Gabrielle Union one is a personal fave.
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The Redman episode was 🔥
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I just watched Padma Lakshmi BREEZE through the hot sauces like they were jello shots. Outstanding work there.
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My cousins and I and our spouses did a mini Hot Ones at Thanksgiving this year using leftover turkey. We only did 5 sauces and topped out at Mega Death instead of the Last Dab, but it was INTENSE. My favorite was the Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet, which is bright and floral and absolutely fantastic.

Liam Payne is one of my favorite episodes just for him going back for another dab at the end because he "didn't get it." Spoiler alert: he gets it.
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I've always thought the Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet must be really good--almost everyone on the show seems to comment on it specifically--so thanks for confirming, altopower!
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