How Vladimir Lenin Became a Mushroom
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How Vladimir Lenin Became a Mushroom: The fake news that took the former Soviet Union by storm.
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Some people are 9/11 Truthers. Others are Obama Birthers.

Me? I'm a Lenin Musher.
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Incredulous, she replied that the story had to be false, “Because a mammal cannot be a plant.”

Pffft. Science!

I mean, mushrooms actually aren't plants, so....
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I heard Trotsky was a Mesodinium chamaeleon.
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Obviously false. Unless there’s a picture of Lenin wearing a turban.
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The guy is still on ice in Moscow. It could happen. There's time.
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It should have been obvious that this was a hoax because Lenin was not much of a fun guy.
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Fair enough. Looks like there's not mushroom left in that casket either.
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The fake news that took the former Soviet Union by storm

More of a puffball piece.
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Though I guess it would have been big news in the Yeast.
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...hmm, a little jock itch and a Soviet teleporter, and the Cronenberg movie writes itself.
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Thanks for this; I loved the Kuryokhin interview when I first saw it years ago and it's good to be reminded of it. Amazingly, there's an English Wikipedia article about it; for those who read Russian, there's a much livelier take at the wonderfully snarky site Луркоморье (Lurkmore).
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I don’t understand why you’re all dignifying this manipulative ret-con with your credence and jokes. No amount of spin is going to change the facts, though I guess I give this disinformation campaign points for making into English without any glaring grammatical errors.

By ballyhooing the silliest sounding aspects, and exaggerating the rest to the point of absurdity, the article works tirelessly to convince us there is nothing to any of it but a simple prank.

Was Lenin literally a mushroom man? Of course not.

But was Lenin’s behaviour steered by a chronic infection of parasitic mycelial spores? I think the careful historian will find the answer might be “maybe.” There really is an extensive literature of research on the subject, and not all of it can be dismissed out of hand.

I’ve only ever seen Russian sources myself but if someone has a link to English materials you’d see for yourself. It’s a story that starts with Rasputin and hasn’t yet ended.
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