Sophy Hollington's mind makes star poop
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"In some Inuit cultures, meteors are colloquially known as Ulluriat Anangit which roughly translates as 'star poop.' Illustrator, printmaker, and Linocut artist Sophy Hollington has published a new creation: My Mind Hides a Friendly Crater, the result of her “almost morbid fascination with asteroids.”

More art via her Instagram. A work in progress.

Hollington on the process behind creating an editorial illustration for The New Yorker, featuring alien tripods and Donald Trump.
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...which roughly translates as 'star poop.'

same for Malay/Indonesian! That's fascinating, because I wasn't aware if there's any relation.

This is great, I love this kind of printing technique.
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English has "star-snot" (star jelly, slime, ...), which people thought was deposited from meteor-fall, and many other languages have the same understanding, drat Wikipedia for not having a list. Paracelsus coined our word "nostoc" for it:
Nostoch understandeth the nocturnal pollution of some plethoriall and wanton Star, or rather excrement blown from the nostrills of some rheumatick planet ... in consistence of jelly.
Assure me he's not saying star spooge.

Generally referred to colonies of cyanobacteria of genus Nostoc, but slime molds can be similarly sudden and uncanny blobs on the ground.

p.s. And now I see a theory that it comes from vomited-up frog oviduct elements which predators find indigestible? Let me check the Internet on that one. Okay, there are lots of weird jelly globs in the world, and it looks like frog oviduct jelly is one of them. Here are some thoughtful photos of different jelly globs: posted by away for regrooving at 1:45 AM on December 6, 2017 [4 favorites]

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