“Bleak But Gorgeous, Like Light Through Ice”
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I've always struggled with and been fascinated by his writing. He wrote prose that was fluid and captivating and I could only dream of being able to craft. A few years ago I posted this conversation with him that still leaves me floored.

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I had the great pleasure of meeting him while I was in grad school. His work had a profound effect on my understanding of aesthetics, the importance of art and the artist, and how to write effectively about complex ideas.

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Ahh, damn. I reread "In the Heart of the Heart of the Country" every holiday season. This year's reading will have more than the usual quantity of sadness laid over it. I found the endlessly deferred "The Tunnel" to be a meanspirited slog, but the early stories and novellas, plus "On Being Blue", "Omensetter's Luck", and his many glittering and incisive essays, will shine forever.
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He could do it all.

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In The Heart of the Heart of the Country annotated at Genius.com
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Just realized I recognized the name from "Reading Rilke". Damn. .
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I think his review/foreword for Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans is one of the best things he's written. It does so much to illuminate a very abstruse text, which then shows that dismissing Stein as simply fashionably inscrutable is wildly incorrect. I really recommend it.
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I just happened to start reading The Tunnel this week (I had "endlessly deferred" it just like informavore) and I later heard he had passed away. Gass was the master of the mad monologue, pathologically dedicated to the social and personal role of literature.
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