Tuned Up in the Spirit
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Tuned Up in the Spirit: Lined out hymnody with the Old Regular Baptists "the oldest English-language religious-music oral tradition in North America, a tradition with roots stretching back to parish churches in England in the early 1600s and perhaps further still. Some people find it a strange sound. One researcher who went hunting for descriptions of lined-out singing from turn-of-the-century travelers in Appalachia told me that a few words kept popping up: mournful, wailing, confusion."
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This is cool. It's like the harmonies of Sacred Harp, but without the cadence.
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This is fascinating. I can hear the pitch-seeking in the congregations, exactly like I'd expect, and the stepwise changes and slurs remind me strongly of plainchant.
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Am I just missing them, or are there no links in the article to examples we can listen to? Should I just go with whatever turns up on a YouTube search for "Lined-out Hymnody"?
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I did a youtube search for "Regular Old Baptist" and it filled in the rest.
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The very first thing this reminded me of was Ralph Stanley's performance of the Appalachian folk song "O Death" in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

And indeed, according to Wikipedia, Stanley based his performance on the vocal traditions of Appalachian Baptist churches, although that article mentions the Primitive Baptist Universalists, a different denomination.
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Sounds a lot like Gaelic psalmody to me.
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Fascinating, empathetic account. It's much more than a description of the music. Thanks.
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Just trying to imagine that as a soundtrack to an English Civil War costume drama. Would I believe it?
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Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle of Anna & Elizabeth are young advocates/popularizers of Old Regular Baptist music. I heard them do some of these tunes at a folk festival this summer, and their renditions of "I am a poor pilgrim of sorrow" and "Here in the Vineyard" are especially good. A small part of their repertoire, but a lovely one. Thanks for sharing this, it's great to know more about the lined-out hymnody tradition!
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