New Zealand’s First Christmas
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The Christian origins of Christmas meant that before European contact, the celebration had no place in the calendar of Aotearoa. The first celebration of Christmas in New Zealand coincided with Abel Tasman’s voyage to New Zealand in 1642. Unfortunately, things did not get off to a good start.
New Zealand’s First Christmas

One of a series of quick-read articles from NZ History on the history of Christmas in New Zealand: See also:
The history of Christmas dinner in New Zealand (Katie Cooper, Te Papa Blog)
(Interesting reference to and picture of a Victorian "pudding doll.")

The National Library of New Zealand has a Christmas card page on flickr that draws on historical designs.
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BTW, Yorkshire Goose Pie (the recipe is in the first link) is the original Turducken.
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"Come on shore and we will kill and eat your gannet!"
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...the calendar of Aotearoa...

Which is quite interesting, btw.
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Also a Santa parade often has Santa doing a lolly scramble which usually contain lots of Mackintosh lollies which always remind me of Christmas.
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"...put in the oven with 1 lb of butter,...
Take [...] 6 lbs of butter,...
... melt 2 lbs of butter in the gravy...
... close up the hole in the middle with cold butter..."

That sounds both horrifying and awesome. Either way I'm now hungry. But I also want to live.

I'm conflicted.
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A pie made of gannets? Oh hell no. Not the gannet. I don't like them.

They wet their nests.
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Wow until this post I had forgotten about how my NZ childhood Christmases always included that favourite pastime :Christmas carols celebrating colonialism
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