Computron does not enter sleep mode for 10:36:02:22
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Fandom for Robots, by Vina Jie-Min Prasad (Short Story) Computron feels no emotion towards the animated television show titled Hyperdimension Warp Record (超次元 ワープ レコード). After all, Computron does not have any emotion circuits installed, and is thus constitutionally incapable of experiencing “excitement,” “hatred,” or “frustration.” It is completely impossible for Computron to experience emotions such as “excitement about the seventh episode of HyperWarp,” “hatred of the anime’s short episode length” or “frustration that Friday is so far away.”
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Neat story. The comments (actually OK to read, hah) seem to put the meta in the meta.
posted by k5.user at 1:22 PM on December 12, 2017

this is the sweetest thing I've read in some time.
posted by ivan ivanych samovar at 2:07 PM on December 12, 2017

I love this.
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The story idea is better than the execution, but I enjoyed reading it nevertheless. Thank you for posting this.
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I wandered into anime out of idle curiosity, sure that I could never be as into it as the real fans were, not judging but clearly not as invested as everybody else. It wasn't like I had feelings about things, I just had a lot of opinions, and the next thing I know sure, why not have queer feelings about robots, why not, it's fine, you're fine, this show is a dumpster fire, why am I even watching this, I didn't even play this game, why is my face leaking, I can never explain this to anybody in my real life ever. Every other fandom, sure, even though explaining how ice skating is related to kissing is complicated. But how I started to have feelings about robots by accident, how I acquired it like a computer virus by looking at things I definitely shouldn't have, that is between me and Clear's stupid dumb face.

Computron wouldn't get it, either, but Computron wouldn't judge me for it, I bet.
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In my head canon, this takes place in the same continuity as "Cat Pictures Please". And I will have the fanfic to prove it.
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If I had emotion circuits, I would be screaming.
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