im a soviet refugee singing for salam
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Orgonite are a Middle Eastern Rave group from Tel Aviv with lyrics in Hebrew, Russian, English and Arabic: Habibi Yaeni, HAMSA, Adibass, Kayfuyem (feat. Arsen Petrosov)

Lyrics in both English and Russian

Lyrics to "Habibi Ya Eini," the Arabic folk song "Habibi Yaeni" gets its hook from.
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Oh, this is neat. Russian/Israeli/Arabic dance/hip hop. Very cool.
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Well that was all pretty rad. I super dig that little triplets figure that Habibi Yaeni gets into a couple times under the main beat.

The various spoof logo stuff in Adibass is pretty great, but on a first watch I couldn't really track which bits of unchanged branding were intentional vs. circumstantial and why. Like, one of the kids later on has Yankees cap on which feels like it could just be a shruggy bit of wardrobe, but there's that big conspicuous Volvo logo on the sewing table right at the start that feels like it must have been a joke on a different vector from the Fony/Borisos/Vegan King stuff.

Also very here for the super intense mid-tempo grocery shopping and gingham picnic vibe in Kayfuyem.
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These videos might be the single most Israeli thing I've ever seen. It's like the music video equivalent of a old Yemenite lady shoving you to the ground in the shuk over a perfect tomato (not, uh, that that exact situation has ever happened to me or anything).
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(Also, lol, of course the lyrics are posted on VK)
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Titling a song "ХАМСА" is visually linguistically hilarious. This is just so culturally confused and there are so many Easter eggs (whch is precisely the wrong/right term here) that I must be missing besides the ones that I get. Like, the fluorescent green liquor bottle that shows up briefly is titled "Baba Sali", the name of a Jewish saint from Morocco, but how it fits in I don't know.
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Also Armenian!
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I'm also just getting such wild Die Antwoord vibes, especially from HAMSA and Adibass.
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