I want to get those stories recognized
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Stories from a real (imaginary giant animal) community: in which Boozy Badger (previously, also) was in a car accident that shattered his hip and he's convalescing and he's had furries giving him and his family unexpected support, and so he poses the topic on twitter, Tell me about a time the furries reached out and helped you. I want to get those stories recognized.
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Man, I really need to get off my bullshit and actually go to a con. These are my people and I've never been once. I might be a little gun shy due to all of the decades of negative coverage. It's been so nice to see the positive so much lately.
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Hey, I'll be at BLFC in Reno next year. If you go, we can hang. It's a great con.
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I've heard good things! People seem to really like that one. Chances are if I go I'll be in the dealers den, selling books to my people.
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You'd probably have to had apply for that already if you wanted that. Not sure, but yeah.
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Awww, poor Boozy! Glad he came up with this idea though.
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Thank you for the link. So touching to see all the love and support in that community. Reminder that families can be chosen.
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