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GPSdrawing -- Making giant virtual drawings by moving around with a gps. I found this site searching google with words from cut-ups, and it turns out that the New York Times has recently covered it. There are recognizable figures, but also experiments exploiting characteristics of the technology and more.
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The NYT article emphasizes the new artistic potential in gps and covers some projects which I found pretty thin. The drawings are the most interesting I think.

Now that I think about it, the large virtual image is something that cropped up in Pynchon’s novels pretty often. Of course, Mason and Dixon deals with the line and how it embodies all of these different forces. In V, Benny Profane makes a yoyo up and down the East coast. And, even though it isn’t an image, in Gravity’s Rainbow, the missiles would fall where Slothrop got laid.
posted by mblandi at 9:36 AM on May 14, 2002

speaking of verbose authors, neal stephenson did this in his wired article, Mother Earth, Motherboard, and his novel Cryptonomicon.
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Nice link. Cheers mblandi!

That spider is well cool.
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Do you suppose this is how the Mailbox Bomber got the idea to make a smiley face?
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sweet linkage.
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