UnificationChurch Under Siege in Brazil
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UnificationChurch Under Siege in Brazil Rev. Moon's massive land purchases lead to major search-and-seizure operation. Money laundering and other no-no activities. This cult, the Avis to Scientology's Hertz, has paid President Bush I handsome money to speak in their behalf when they began operations in Brazil. They also own the Washington Times, Insight Magazine and many many other businesses, including a university, jewelry stores nationwide, and a ballet company. Their found, Rev. Moon, a convicted felon (taxes). Rumored to get money from Japanese mob to do their conservative activities, and now want to open car plant in China. Gone the days of merely selling roses.
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I really don't understand American conservatives who write for and read the Washington Times. They must know that Moon pours millions into that newspaper. And that a man does not spend millions of dollars for no benefit. From a Christian point of view, Moon is much worse than a mere athiest. He believes himself to be a diety (as he has said). Being associated with this group is the disgrace of American conservatism.
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"Being associated with this group is the disgrace of American conservatism."

Agreed. But I think that right wingers don't care who says it, so long as it is the message they want to spread. Another case in point would be Rush Limbaugh. Is there a slimier lying bastard in media today? But wingnuts looovvee Rush. The list could go on and on but the message stays the same.
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