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Not sure I liked it, but I couldn't turn it off. That says something. And I think that song will be in my head for a while...
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Well, we sure do like to piss and moan, but Donald Trump can't be that much of a problem if we've got the time and energy for this sort of thing.
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If you like dat Christmas booty, be sure to check out the prequels: Christmas Sweatz and Christmas Face.
posted by the thought-fox at 1:52 PM on December 20, 2017

Hannah Hart!
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You all give me the fucking creeps. (Also, I immediately sent the link to several other people.)
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I'm a bellydancer. The joke at my house when I'm in full regalia is that I've got Jingle Butt. And that I can crack walnuts with my ass. Both are covered here.
posted by MissySedai at 9:03 AM on December 21, 2017

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