"So anyway, here's Wonderwall."
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In honor of the London opening of Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda and the cast (and orchestra/band) perform a mashup of Hamilton songs and British pop songs. It's delightful.
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Delightful indeed. I was already giddy with excitement to see the show this coming Tuesday, but this first proper look/listen at/to the set/cast has got me all sorts of wound up.
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And yet bizarrely no "You'll Be Back" in this mash-up.
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Here's a tip for Hamilton in London: pay attention to returns! They have some very strict measures in place to discourage ticket touts: you have to buy your ticket on a credit card, and when you arrive at the theater you need to present photo ID that matches the card. This makes re-selling tickets extremely difficult.

As a result, if someone can't attend they are encouraged to cancel and get a refund. This means returned tickets are often available on the day! My wife and I found this out a few days ago when we walked past the Victoria Palace Theater at around noon and, on the spur of the moment, popped in to ask if there were tickets. We landed two tickets for that evening, at their regular price.
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No "You'll Be Back" because Michael Jibson is best experienced cold. There's nothing that could prepare you for his comedic timing.

(Saw them a few days ago. The person next to me who saw the original Broadway cast said this was in no way a step-down.)
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Hamilton will be in my town in just a couple of weeks.

I... I... I couldn't get a ticket.

So cold. So lonely. So sad.
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When I first lazily read this post, I was excited that Lin Manuel Miranda was going to be in Ontario!

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I love this kind of thing. Everyone involved worked HARD to make this happen! And yes, it is delightful!
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