Do you like board games?
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Happy Meeple is a site where you can play a bunch of neat two-player board games, including the highly awarded Lost Cities and Keltis, the well-regarded Glastonbury and Hanamikoji, and many more, all for the low low price of zero dollars. There's a lobby where you can play against fellow humans, but also bots at several difficulty levels to take you on at each game.
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I love lost cities! This looks great. Thank you for posting it.
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It's a really great site!
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Maybe I will finally learn to play board games!
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Awesome - thank you!
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I'm very much into board games, but for me personally it's really an in-person activity. There's something about being actually with people that feels lost when playing on-line, which seems interesting to me because I will readily do many other things with people over the internet, and I will play plenty of board games using iPad apps.

Basically, I mean to say that I envy anyone who gets enjoyment out of this, and I'm happy for you. Have a fun game of Lost Cities, and don't forget to visit Hell Stonehenge.
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This looks really awesome, thanks!
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see also and
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I’m so excited for this! I like playing board games, but get very stressed about learning them because I tend to learn them slower than others around me. This seems like it would give me a great chance to practice with a robot before dragging down my actual friends.
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This brings me back to simpler times of Yahoo! Games. Thanks so much for posting!
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