The Grinch needs a good cardiologist
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It’s almost Christmas. And so researchers at Johns Hopkins, Georgetown University and other learned places are bringing their expertise to some of the holiday’s classic tales.

Georgetown professors answered questions such as: Does Santa use big data to find the perfect gift for every child? Why doesn’t Claus age? And they even wondered — Grinch-like — whether there might be some toy-licensing violations going on in Santa’s workshop.

Bonus, just because: A Peacock Spider Christmas shamelessly stolen from a previously.
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Santa does age according to a co-worker.

He and wife are raising their 9 y.o granddaughter and 3 y.o. nephew, so they took kids to mall to see Santa.

Standing in line, the 9 y.o., who's at the questioning phase, determines that Santa doesn't look the same as last year. Without thinking much, very tired wife responds that Santa probably has diabetes and isn't well; co-worker pipes up and adds that Santa's old...300 years or so; like, on death's door. Stink eye from all the other adults with kids standing in line... co-worker is enjoying telling us how his wife is killing off Santa.
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One of my daughters was so naughty, she got a solar panel in her stocking.
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