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Stand up comics doing long form storytelling at a Los Angeles shoe show....for folks who want to like stand up but need something with a little more plot.
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The Louis Anderson one fucking kills me.

"I'm not your son..."
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Fair warning, despite it being comics, some are WAY better storytellers than others. Brian Regan's one is one of the best.
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Maria Bamford - Psych Ward was good.
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Ms. Pat Meets Jimmy Carter made a Ms. Pat fan out of me.
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Brian Regan's one is one of the best.

Brian Regan is one of the best. :)
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I don't know how I stumbled across these sometime during this past year, but it improved my commute tremendously (I turn the video on, face the phone picture down, and listen to them like the performance they are). I've listened to them all - and a bunch of them I've listened to twice.

I don't know if I have a favorite, though Henry Rollins, TJ Miller and Maria Hanford (mentioned earlier) are definitely favorite stories.

This is like the drug addled Moth radio hour. There is a ton to unpack. Most of these are filmed kinda round robin style, with Ari acting as MC between folks. I'm trying to remember where i saw him talk about how this gets made, and the sheer luck they had to do it. They basically are an audience of the performers, so they are telling stories very much to their peers - this is filmed at a strip club - not a comedy club and is done (or at least originally was done) as sort of a closed set. That removes some of the pressure of massively offending an audience member, and gives the comics a better opportunity to tell their stories unencumbered... Which is handy when you hear half these stories.

I love these. I have considered this mine for most of this past year. I never considered sharing it, and now I am glad you did.
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I teach storytelling as standup in NYC, and one of my best students (now a close friend) got the story that we workshopped in class onto "This Is Not Happening." Here it is:

My one beef with the show is that the standards are a LOT higher for unknown performers than famous people. Unknowns have to have a tight structure, plot, great jokes. Artie Lange just needs to talk about cocaine for 15 minutes and he's not only unedited, he's invited back.
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I need to hook up with this scene, because I just did a story for the RISK! podcast live show in Baltimore in November and I feel more and more like, while I love to do my long-form one-man-shows with music and sound most of all, there’s something so cool about just getting on the mic and doing some shortform narratives with funniness included. I just need to get past my fear of trying to breach the comic line in clubs that are more jokey than hilarisad with details and plot development.
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