"Well, our question was: What's home? Let's try to answer that."
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This is the story of a dozen women who aren't waiting for the end of the prison sentences imposed on them to start building their new lives.

To be clear, that wasn't a metaphor: the building process will involve concrete, heavy machinery, and pink hard hats.
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This was great. Thank you.
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I really appreciated this. This snippet, though:
The women are concerned that officials will implement it for the state’s male inmates.

Combined with the reality that this program might not actually get funded for the women just pisses me off that it’s even a possibility. I mean, ya, let’s get male inmates help too. But. I just can’t even.
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That was the line that stuck with me, too, because the situation has so many opportunities for standard gender bias to take over. Constructing houses? Men's work. Doing the hard behind-the-scenes work, then a man steps in and takes credit? Old story. More men in prison, of course, so it's just numbers, right? And men out of prison need to provide for their families, so .... call me cynical, but I have a bad feeling about this.

I loved the line from one of the inmates about it taking her to be in prison to realize what an involved citizen can do.
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Thompson, whose own 18-year-old daughter was so moved by what her mom has accomplished that she plans to visit the prison in the coming months; when they last saw each other, she was 3.

Oh, man.
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Having seen this happen is really fascinating as an Indianapolitan.
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