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But questions must be asked: What constitutes someone being “grabbed” in their attention? What is the editor’s “subjective tastes” that bar them from not liking a piece enough? Who is this “us” and “we” who are not looking for a piece at the moment? My essay probably didn’t appeal to these folks for whatever reason. Fair enough. The subjective, though, is the personal, and the personal is always connected to the body which produces subjective tastes. Our tastes are not created in a void.
- Marcos Santiago Gonsalez
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But questions must be asked: What constitutes someone being “grabbed”

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who completed this sentence very differently in their mind.
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Afternoon Delight
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This essay is brilliant. Thanks for posting it.
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The dread editors note online about having to go through slush piles is the dread of having to fish through content that appears in many shades of white.
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In other news, The Dread Editors is my new band name ..
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Oh God the whole "It's not what we're looking for". I get the job-application version of that a lot and it's never helpful. I did everything you asked! What is it that I don't have?

(Usually? A name sounding White enough to convince them that I can indeed speak English.)
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The internet was supposed to dethrone the dread editors, wasn’t it?
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