The Cat In The Hat Songbook
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I have literally owned this album since before I was born, as my parents bought it for me when they knew I was on the way. I think this is full of gems. Seussblog writes about the actual book (yes, it's a full piano score), which I also own.

I've always wished enough people knew the birthday song well enough to be able to surprise someone by singing THAT instead of HBTY.
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Correct Super-Supper March link.
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looks like the songbook is still in print, even.....
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You do realize that my sister and I can sing the entire album from memory, and that I still have my copy 50 years later, right?
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We still sing the Super-Supper March in my family! According to ancient lore I broke this record when I was at DEFCON Destructive Toddler. It belonged to my sister. Forty-odd years later she still claims she hasn't forgiven me.
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I had no idea Dr. Terwilliger was so busy. Aside from his 2500 student keyboard he also took time to pat and waltz. Quite the renaissance man.
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