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No-one knows how, no-one knows why, but it's become a tradition in Wigan to take to the streets in fancy dress on Boxing Day night. Some say it's a tradition started by German workers at the local Heinz factory, others claim a more ancient tradition derived from Elizabethan mumming. Regardless, costumes range from ridiculous to tasteless to downright clever. posted by girlgenius (9 comments total) 5 users marked this as a favorite
Ooh, that looks cold.
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Two Halloweens in one year? Sign me up!
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That Subbuteo costume is (very appropriately) asking for a broken ankle.

I love it.
posted by lmfsilva at 7:04 AM on December 29, 2017

Mod note: A few comments removed, one link removed from the post. I'm going to split the difference here and both (a) acknowledge that the link to the person in the Nazi getup was quite probably a tasteless-as-advertised satirical dig at Prince Harry's own infamous Nazi cosplay dumbfuckery rather than someone being all gung-ho about Nazi cosplay on the face of it and (b) make the command decision to not have surprise links to jolly Nazi cosplay, however ambiguously rhetorically complicated, on the fucking front page. Carry on.
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I'd just like say as a former immigrant to England that a 'fancy dress party' invitation was the cause of some embarrassment. Once. And the source of teasing for about 5 years.
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Why bring twelfth night into it? Have they never heard of Wren Boys? They have Irish people in Wigan too I assume?
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Yep, the wran, the wran, the king of all birds, on St. Stephen's Day got caught in the furze.


Dreoilín, dreoilín, dreoilín, dreoilííííín,
I'm begging of you please don't take my wran

It's a pretty universal thing - I was at a wedding in Latvia this year where they had a group showing up at the reception basically doing the same stuff. Same with mumming, guising, gombey etc.
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Same with mumming, guising, gombey etc.

Now you’re just showing off! Thanks for posting that the wran, the wran link.
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Well, if you're going to mention Mummers...
posted by evilDoug at 10:04 PM on December 29, 2017

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