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In 2002 David Bowie and Danish film maker Thomas Vinterberg sat down for a 25-minute long conversation. Thomas Vinterberg had just come off the tail end of theDogme 95 movement (which he had founded together with Lars von Trier). David Bowie had just released Heathen. What started as a conventional interview became a meandering conversation about creativity, anxiety, loneliness, art, and exile.
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Oh! Bowiemas is starting early! Yay!
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First post ever, phew. I first saw this interview back in 2002 on Danish TV and had been unable to track it down until I came across it recently. It is absolutely fascinating.
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Also, this is an AMAZING interview! Basically a must-watch for any Bowie fan. Thanks for posting!
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Excellent discussion. Thank you.
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No CC. Bummer.
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I'm not a superfan of Bowie's music, but I am a superfan of his approach to life and this is a perfect slice of that pie.

Also, Thomas Vinterberg is the long-lost brother of Dietrich Bader.
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"I don't live in America, I live in New York." Love it.
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Toward the end: "I'm sorry, we need another 10 hours, if that's okay."

I would totally watch another 10 hours of this conversation.
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It did feel like they were just getting started. Sigh.
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I won't ever stop loving Bowie and his humanism. This part of the interview to about 19:17 is so, so him, and his smiles are still electrifying.
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Much too short. Like life.

I have a set of cards like that and the very best conversations I've ever had with the kids have come from those cards. The two kids who are not mine really bonded to me over those sessions and I and my kid to them. They all had very profound things to say. It got everyone's egos out of the way. At home at least.

I made this log swing for them. It's an eight foot length of red oak suspended between two live oaks with three seats and belts and they get that thing going. And then they stop. 13 says something to my son. 9 looks at him. He looks at the sky, thinking, thinking and they wait. I'm inside. I can't hear them but I know that look and he's still staring at the sky when he responds and whatever it is is coming from the truest part of him and the girls both hug him and start tickling and he's running in mock terror towards the house.

I'm not going to have dinner ready for forty minutes or so. We watch this. They cried about Major Tom when they were little. They do a rather bizarre Fairport Convention version of Golden Years. They cried about Major Tom when they were little.

What really got them was when Bowie was talking about anti-intellectualism. 9 and 13 both got flack at school for being too smart and they immediately recognized what he was talking about. It's about being flexible in conversation, not having any other goal except to see where it goes and listening. Set a nice tone for the evening and we sat at the table for hours after we were done eating and they weren't yammering for dessert. They have very accurate perceptions about each other's feelings, finish sentences for one another.

Everybody here has an absent parent. Two of us have two. 13 asks me what was wrong with my parents and I'm game. 9 is circling overhead. My son is looking me in the eyes. They knew my mom for that last year when I was not so sure.

13 says it is time for pie. She's breaking this up. Fine. Pie.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. Not everyone is so comfortable in their own skin.
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I have a set of cards like that

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